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Getting Started TDD in 30 Seconds with Python

Thada Wangthammang
2 min readSep 8, 2018


Quick start to setup python script for Test Driven Development in 30 seconds

Time start!

  1. Install Python virtual environment for human ( yay! ) pipenv
sudo pip install pipenv

2. create a directory and enter to it

mkdir my-tdd
cd my-tdd

3. Activate Python virtual environment, then the tool will automatically create it (if it’s not exist!)

pipenv shell

4. Install pytest as a dev dependency

pipenv install pytest --dev

5. create file and test file in any place of the directory

# in lib.pydef hello():
return "hello"
# in or test_lib.pyimport lib
def test_hello():
assert lib.hello() == "hello"

6. let’s test


Getting result!

The structure will be like this


You can use automatically test your code when the code's changed using pytest-watch

pipenv install pytest-watch

Let’s fun with TDD


Time stoppppppppppp!

As I said before, this blog will end within 30 seconds

Thanks guy, any question, pls comment

Good bye, see you

P.S. fastest blogging ever 🙏

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